Julie Builds Her Castle by Hila Colman (1959)

Why in the world, thought Julie Hartman disconsolately, do we have to travel all the way across the United States to Cape Cod because Dad wants to paint the ocean? California would have been much nearer and just as good.

Julie began her summer on the Cape by building a dream castle and ended it by making plans for a real one. Although Julie, at sixteen, resented her artist father's nonconformity, she actually owed to it many of the summer's happiest moments. For as his daughter she found it completely natural to go out with the young son of a Portuguese fisherman. Peter was a boy you could rely upon, but his older brother Joe was a problem. And when Joe got into trouble, it was Julie's father who straightened him out. During this crisis Mr. Hartman told Julie his creed. "I believe in not going along with the mob for the sake of joining in; I believe in thinking things out and having your own integrity." But Julie had already begun to think out her own program for the future. (from the inside flap)

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