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A Man for Marcy by Rosamond du Jardin (1954)

Trouble for the Senior Girls ...

Marcy Rhodes and some of her friends face the start of their senior year in high school with a sinking sensation.  Last year they had dated only senior boys, who are now off to college, and the girls find themselves high, dry, and desperate.

When a club called "The Widows" is organized, Marcy enthusiastically joins the "mourners," and by the time her erstwhile steady arrives home for Thanksgiving vacation, Marcy is wallowing in self-pity.  And her mood doesn't improve when she learns he has been dating at college!

Only the skillful intervention of Marcy's brother Ken averts disaster.  Thanks to him, and to Marcy's basic good sense, the balance of the year is gratifyingly different.  (from the back cover)

Senior Prom by Rosamond du Jardin (1957)

New Year, New Dear?

A New Year's Eve spent with Steve Judson convinces Marcy that from now on, she and Steve will be "just good friends."

Luckily, her last term in high school provides many distractions:  work on the school paper; the effort to get permission for a senior trip to Washington; a growing friendship with reliable Rick Whitney; and a date in prospect with exciting Bruce Douglas for the long-awaited Senior Prom.

The Marcy discovers that Bruce's plans for that gala event are not at all what she has in mind, and is she doesn't go with him, she can't go with Rick, because he's out dating someone else--at Marcy's unselfish insistence!  (from the back cover)

Wait for Marcy by Rosamond du Jardin (1950)

Devon had a way of looking up into a boy's face that seemed to do something catastrophic to his will power. When Devon gave Steve that look of hers, Marcy felt younger than she had in a long time. "You kept looking at Devon," Liz teased her later. "What are you trying to do, absorb her technique?" "I should say not!" Marcy replied perhaps too sharply. And all evening she felt a sinking sensation within her. (from the back cover)