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Double Wedding by Rosamond du Jardin (1959)

And in the Distance--Wedding Bells ...

Graduation seems terribly far away to Pam and Penny, as they start their second year of college, especially since they and their fianc├ęs agree that graduation should come before marriage.

But college days are crowded days and many things happen to speed the waiting.  One of the most intriguing of them is Pam's growing friendship with lovely, unhappy Geneva Day, who had been so unfriendly during the twins' "showboat summer"!

Then sooner than Pam and Penny ever dreamed possible, it's commencement time--to be swiftly followed by rice and old shoes!  (from the back cover)

Double Feature by Rosamond du Jardin (1953)

Pam Does a Double Take

Pretty Pam Howard is still taken aback by her quiet twin Penny's new attitude of independence.  Until recently, Pam led the way, and Penny followed.  Now Penny wants them both to go to the college that her friend Mike plans to attend, but Pam is resisting--partly just for the sake of resisting.  Old field marshals don't give up easily!

Oddly enough, the ensuing fireworks strengthen the twin's relationship, and the college of Penny's choice proves an exciting place for Pam. also.  As a matter of fact, for a while, it's almost too exciting!  (from the back cover)

Double Date by Rosamond du Jardin (1951)

Quiet, sensitive Penny Howard has always tried to be as much like her vivacious twin Pam as Pam wished--wearing the same clothes, and letting Pam arrange dates and choose their activities. But as the girls start their senior year at a new high school, in a new town, Penny' rebellion grows and grows, and results in a private Declaration of Independence. To her surprise, she finds herself quietly cheered on by their mother, their grandmother, and finally and most happily for Penny, by Mike Bradley, the boy she was afraid Pam had chosen for herself. (from the back cover)