Welcome Home, Mrs. Jordon by Janet Lambert (1953)

pic from Image Cascade

When we left Tippy Parrish in Rainbow After Rain, she was working at a television studio and recovering from the loss of her beau Ken Prescott, who was killed in Korea. Steadfast, devoted Peter Jordon has been in love with her for years, but she was still grieving for Ken and unsure about her feelings for Peter. At the end of the novel, she has put away Ken's picture and is engaged to Peter.

As Welcome Home, Mrs. Jordon opens, Tippy has just returned from shopping for her trousseau and is chatting with her sister Penny about her wedding with Peter, who is stationed in Texas. Janet Lambert provides a typically graceful introduction to past events and to the Parrish/Jordon family as Tippy and Penny chat about the complications of having a wedding in an army family.

"Even Tippy saw humor in the situation and had to laugh. But she did say ruefully, 'If it hadn't taken me so long to discover I was in love with Peter, I'd have had a whole year with him by now, in Texas. I don't know why I was so stupid.'

'There was Ken Prescott,' Penny said. It seemed she was never to see the hat and dresses, so she snatched the opportunity to ask, 'You don't grieve for Ken now, do you, cherub?'

'No.' Tippy's little face was serene as she answered. 'I loved him very much, I'll always love him. Peter understands that. The world stopped for a while, when word came that he'd been killed in Korea. I hurt so terribly in my heart--I still hurt sometimes, but not when I'm with Peter.'"