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Bonnie by Lee Wyndham (1961)

Bonnie Parker--She was one of the quiet ones in her former school. Not one of the "popular" girls. But here in Grove City everything would be different.

Steve Olson--The best athlete and the most popular boy in school, tall blond Steve becomes very much a part of Bonnie's dreams.

Toni Reo--With a smile like a toothpaste ad, beautiful figure, and lots of money, Tony does her best to see that Steve remains simply a dream for Bonnie.

Kay Fogel--Chubby and full of fun, Kay proves a loyal friend in her effort to help Bonnie come out of her shell.

Dennis Miles--Known in school for his accordion playing and jazz band, Dennis' one-track mind about music makes Kay wonder if she will ever be anything to him but just a "next-door neighbor." (from the inside flap)

Candy Stripers by Lee Wyndham (1958)

Bonnie Schuyler let herself be talked into joining the Candy Stripers.  As a junior aide at the Medical Center, she lightened the heavy work load each regular nurse had.  But she sometimes wondered why she was there--she didn't plan to be a nurse; it was hard work; she didn't especially like helping other people.  One day she met David, a technician who was interested in a hospital career.  Somehow he made her feel rather special and very grown-up.  (from the back cover)